Leadership Quintet

Leadership Quintet

Sounding board to senior leader

The CEO was newly appointed to a major global plc from the role of one of the regional sales & marketing functions. 

Possessing an acute intelligence & high levels of energy & ambition, he needed to develop his ability to work through his organisation & Board thus accessing their knowledge & experience whilst growing his understanding of business areas where he had no experience. During this learning period he needed to nonethelss demonstrate results to the shareholders. 

Our sounding board relationship provided for the CEO:

  • How to leave behind his previous role, instead taking an overarching perspective, asking the right questions
  • Ways to develop his relationship with his Chairman & with his No 2 (with whom he had been in competition for the role), & in forming new relationships across & outside the organisation
  • Delivery impact & effectiveness as he broadened his understanding of the sectors across the overall business 
  • A more robust perspective on what was needed to drive people performance (given an inexperienced GHRD)
  • Somewhere to 'let off steam' in safety & the recognition of which 'battles' to leave for another day 

'Caroline is an extraordinary talent in this area. She has extensive experience of senior teams, usually at board level, and has the ability to transform performance through very honest conversations and feedback. I can think of only a few people with this talent.' 

John Vickerman, SVP, HR at OSN

'Caroline helps me to think deeply about the growth strategy of my organisation, the demands and pressures of a growing team and business, and encourages me to build on successes. Being away from the day-to-day, Caroline is able to provide support, and a perspective that takes into account but isn't constrained by the current issues. For any MD seeking an experienced sounding board & mentor. I would strongly recommend her.' 

Andrew Aho, Managing Director at Rocket Software

'Caroline is one of the most insightful, challenging and inspiring people I have worked with. She has a rare ability to identify the unspoken and uses this insight to push the boundaries in developing both leaders and their teams. In addition, she is an absolute pleasure to work with.' 

Warren Cohen, Finance Director at River Island 



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