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Leadership Quintet develops exceptional leadership, measuring success by our clients success. 

We are a psychology-led, specialist consultancy that enables leaders & their teams to deliver, now & for tomorrow, through providing entrepreneurial insight that helps them to shape the future & drive results with pragmatic, immediate ways forward. Many of our clients are world class in their expertise. Respecting the expertise of our clients, we encourage them in expanding their view of the broader issues of leadership. Additionally, acting as a sounding board, we ask the questions that enable the individual to clarify what they need to be thinking about & the decisions they need to take.

The people with whom LQ work come from the top echelons of successful & interesting organisations across Europe & UK, the US, & Australia & Asia. Many are either on the Board, Senior Executive Team, are moving towards this, or to an impactful leadership role. We know what good leaders look like, & we know what makes someone successful in today’s environment.

Working across a wide range of sectors enables LQ consultants to contribute current thinking & ideas, making relevant connections drawn from FMCGs, engineering, technology & manufacturing, pharmaceuticals & biotechs, design, architecture, legal & financial professional services, telecoms & others.

LQ collaborates with enterprises at different stages of the organisational life cycle including those refocusing their business, exponential growth of successful start-ups, entering new markets, preparing for & integrating during M&A, rebuffing hostile acquisitions.

Our client organisations range from global & their subsidiaries, to national, from publicly quoted to the many privately & family owned. 

Rooted in business psychology, our understanding & judgment comes from a depth of insight into people & how they work, integrating logic & emotions. We make a different, but complementary, contribution to management consultancies, HR professionals, trainers, & line manager or HR coaches.

Our work is about your specific needs. You will work with the consultant whom you engaged & who will be highly knowledgeable & experienced in what you require – the benefit you gain from us being 'boutique'.

We are passionate about inspiring leaders to create successful, healthy, sustainable careers & organisations delivering real value.


  • I personally use Caroline to help develop my own leadership skills. She is truly inspiring and thought provoking, which in turn has led to me looking at things in very different ways.

    Andrew Townsend, Chief Executive of The Beacon Group

  • Caroline helps me to think deeply about the growth strategy of my organisation, the demands and pressures of a growing team and business, and encourages me to build on successes. 

    Andrew Aho, Managing Director & Country Manager at Rocket Software

  • Caroline provides a unique service with her great combination of business skills and psychology. She really gets under the skin of how you tick and how you can maximise your strengths in a corporate environment. Great value all round.

    Kassir Hussain, Head of Futures and Innovation at Telefonica O2 UK

  • Caroline is one of the most insightful, challenging and inspiring people I have worked with. She has a rare ability to identify the unspoken and uses this insight to push the boundaries in developing both leaders and their teams. In addition, she is an absolute pleasure to work with.

    Warren Cohen, Finance Director at River Island

  • Caroline’s ability to navigate her clients through complexity and focus on the elements critical to success is outstanding. She makes a difference.

    Lynda Waltham, Group Director, Global Resourcing & Contract Management at GlaxoSmithKline

  • I have always found Caroline and her organisation’s work for our Board and Senior Executive to be insightful, pragmatic, business-oriented, client responsive and a great partner to my work in organisation and leadership development. Also very credible with diverse stakeholders, she is a great ambassador to my function at all levels. 

    Ben Bengougam, Vice President Human Resources EMEA at Hilton Worldwide

  • Caroline is an extraordinary talent with her extensive experience of senior teams, usually at board level, and has the ability to transform performance through very honest conversations and feedback. I can think of only a few people with this talent.

    John Vickerman, Chief HR Officer at UAE Broadcast media

  • Caroline has deep knowledge and understanding in the field of leadership assessment including significant international experience, adjusting her approach to different cultures. Her insights and judgments are always presented with great clarity and extreme accuracy.

    David Longbottom, Chair of Board of Governors at London South Bank University

  • Caroline is one of the most intelligent and sharp minded business people that I have come across and her views are without question always worthy of evaluation.

    She is an expert in her field and is perfectly comfortable dealing with international organisations, their structures and leadership teams and has a style that is both direct and intuitive. I cannot imagine that any time spent with her will serve to do anything but add value to any business.

    Guy Hipwell, Director of Home Shopping (E Commerce & Mail Order) at Harrods Ltd

  • Caroline provided great insight into helping reshape the way my senior team worked together.

    Her ability to diagnose issues, gain the team’s trust and recommend simple solutions towards creating a truly high performing were extremely valuable in laying strong foundations which resulted in enduring benefits to the business. Caroline is extremely supportive, dependable, fun to work with and has the highest personal integrity.

    Stuart Grainger, Divisional Chief Executive, Associated British Foods

  • Caroline brought together disparate people and views from across UK, Italy, USA and Australia during a time of considerable change and uncertainty following a merger, resulting in a shift to a customer-centred model, and establishing a cohesive leadership facing off to multiple stake-holders.

    Her methods were commercially focused, whilst using a range of behavioural measurements combined with deep personal insight into how individuals interact within a complex corporate environment.

    Dr Malcolm Handel, Medical Director at Janssen-Cilag, Australia

  • Caroline significantly helped build and transform my team by focusing all team members to take accountability and benchmark their business area & themselves against global competitive standards.

    With her high energy, she relentlessly reminds us to share and communicate our vision and values to the rest of the organisation, harnessed to our vision, strategy and values. She supports us on the journey for constant learning and improvement and helps drive towards defining and achieving stretch goals.

    Caroline’s approach epitomises the ‘Enterprise Leadership’ values & approach I need for my organisation’s success.

    Dr Marcus Schindler, Vice President, Head of CVMD iMed at AstraZeneca

  • Caroline has been a valuable partner at our leadership team, helping us preserve a much needed balance between short-term operational pressures and long-term strategic perspective.

    Her broader perspective and firm support helped build (and preserve) the "futures" initiative, which explores new areas of science and technology to maintain our position on the leading edge of drug discovery, and nurture the future leaders of our organisation.

    Dr Manos Perros, Chief Executive Officer at Entasis Therapeutics

  • Caroline has the unique ability to challenge and stimulate individuals and teams to think outside the box and to move out of their comfort zone. This has been instrumental to get the team to a new level where we are moving towards outstanding performance by taking responsibility across the business.

    The team truly enjoyed working with Caroline. Whilst she is very persistent to get people to step up, she does it in a way that demonstrates huge experience and mixed with humor which makes working with her fun and a real pleasure.

    Dr Regina Fritsche-Danielson, CVMD iMed at AstraZeneca

  • In facilitating the country Leadership Team to successfully implement a regional corporate restructure, Caroline demonstrated a great ability to ‘read’ people, which hugely assisted the team in working collaboratively. Subsequently, she worked as a personal business coach with us.

    She has a strong capability in thinking through what is required to deliver change across geographic boundaries, establishing strong and positive relationships with both the ‘parent’ and regional subsidiary that enable the coaching outcomes to work.

    Erik Lucis, VP, Human Resources (Customer Services) at Emirates

  • Caroline provides sharp and focused insight crystallising the key issues that impact on what are often multi-million $ decisions to be made regarding senior people and teams, accelerating personal development actions and delivering enhanced performance. She does not dodge the often difficult and challenging conversations.

    Russell Taylor, HR Director at Associated British Foods

  • I have known and worked with Caroline for the best part of twenty years. Her knowledge and expertise in her field is incredible and her ability to work with you and apply this to a business context is brilliant!

    She worked with me to do a great piece of work analysing what the business was looking for from the HR senior leadership team and then in addressing these needs. She is knowledgeable, pragmatic and commercial, but also a delight to work with.

    Jemimah Parnell, HR Director at 3

  • We initially used Alison to help us identify improved ways of working together in a key part of our business. Having seen the success that occured, we decided that the whole of the Senior Management Team would benefit from a similar exercise. The transformation was really quite staggering and indeed we will continue to work with Alison to ensure that the learning is not lost over time.

    Caroline Wilson, Director, Human Resources at Eversheds LLP

  • I can strongly recommend LQ for its work with leadership teams - LQ brings energy, commitment and focus which make a difference.

    Garth Rapeport, CEO of Pulmocide

  • LQ expertly guided us to identify the business critical issues of a new leadership team during a period of considerable change. They ensured the team remained focused through effective challenge and the analysis of complex issues. LQ’s insight into individual personalities enabled everyone to make valuable contributions and find their place within the team.

    The LQ consultant’s  considerable energy helped lead us to a hugely successful outcome. We joined the workshop as a group of individuals, and through LQ’s expert guidance, left as a team. Throughout the consultant was hugely helpful, productive and enjoyable.

    Adam Platt, Executive Director, Diagnostic Development at AstraZeneca

  • Working with my team throughout a period of organisational change, Alison’s team and individual coaching led to increased customer satisfaction. The result is not only a focused management team motivated to deliver our business objectives, but personal satisfaction on a daily basis

    Lesley Kelly, Director, Customer Services and Operations at Inmarsat

  • The coaching work we did yesterday, was by far the most useful & productive development activity I have ever done in a professional capacity.

    Jessica Oppenheimer, Head of Reward at 3

  • Caroline really gets teams to focus on what is critical, enabling them to face up to the realities of the business issues in front of them. She guides the team to assess its resource capabilities and potential, and challenges them to create opportunities to deliver tangible value.

    I am always amazed at how quickly she is able to not only grasp the people side of a problem on the table, but also the business and technical side. Her value is evident from the start of each interaction.

    Sam Warden, d-Wise Inc, Elargis tes Horizons, Geneva

  • Caroline worked with the leadership team during a time of significant challenge and change. She supported us, challenged us and guided us in designing our new organisation and forging new and more effective ways of working.

    Caroline is hugely creative and applies highly skilled techniques to drive inspired change amongst senior leaders. 

    Karl Crane, Director of Stores at Boots UK Ltd

  • Alison has helped our media, brands and technology group immensely in improving communication, interaction and overall teamwork - with real business and personal benefits.

    Alison's great experience, perceptiveness and sensitivity have been invaluable. She has won the confidence of members of the group at all levels, and we look forward to working with her regularly going forward as our team grows and changes over time.

    Giles Crown, Head of Media, Brands and Technology at Lewis Silkin LLP


LQ, a psychology-led, boutique consultancy specialising in organisational leadership

LQ develops exceptional leadership to deliver success through shaping the future whilst driving results

LQ develops leaders & their teams, providing entrepreneurial insight, success focus, & practical, immediate ways forward

LQ is passionate about inspiring leaders to create successful, healthy, sustainable organisations delivering real value

LQ acts today in our dynamically changing world