Leadership Quintet

Leadership Quintet

New leader developing traction

The head of business appointed a new leader who possessed great potential & capabilities - but without the confidence of the new CEO, who wanted to sue the vacancy to bring fresh blood into the organisation. The promoted leader thus needed to impact effectively & be recognised as doing so in what was a complacent business area. 

LQ intervened to:

  • Gain confidence with the leader to enable him to move into constructive & forward-moving conversations - this took persistence & skill given his geographic distance, sheer workload, & newness to role
  • Enable him to find the space to broaden his focus whilst managing the immediate, very significant local problems
  • Encourage him to be more organisationally alert & position his communications (quality, quantity & direction) to impact the wider organisation - not something with which he was initially comfortable
  • Move him into action rather than him waiting for perfection - & so get impact & confidence faster
  • Put in place a leadership team to enable him in leading his business
  • Negotiate support from significant others in the organisation

As a result, 18 months later the leader:

  • Now regarded highly by the CEO, is the designated successor to his own business head
  • Is considered by his peers as the most authoritative leader of their peer group
  • Has rebuilt his function
  • Developed strong partnerships internally & externally
  • Brought in outstanding people, who came in large part because of his reputation
  • Has got his geographic area back on the map as a relevant part of the business

Our work was done in 121 meetings, calls as needed, regular ‘in the moment’ email discussions, & strategic meetings with his newly formed team. 

‘I personally used Caroline to help develop my own leadership skills. She is truly inspiring and thought provoking which in turn has led to me looking at things in very different ways.’
Andrew Townsend, Chief Executive of The Beacon Group

‘Caroline provides a unique service in that she's got a great combination of business skills and psychology. She really gets under the skin of how you tick and how you can maximise your strengths in a corporate environment. Great value all round.’
Kassir Hussain, Head of Futures and Innovation at Telefonica O2 UK

‘Caroline is one of the most insightful, challenging and inspiring people I have worked with. She has a rare ability to identify the unspoken and uses this insight to push the boundaries in developing both leaders and their teams. In addition, she is an absolute pleasure to work with.’​
Warren Cohen, Finance Director at River Island​

‘Caroline’s ability to navigate her clients through complexity and focus on the elements critical to success is outstanding. She makes a difference.’​
Lynda Waltham, Group Director, Global Resourcing & Contract Management at GlaxoSmithKline​



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