Leadership Quintet

Leadership Quintet

Identifying those delivering excellence

With a critical need to deliver results & satisfy shareholder return, this organisation needed to identify & develop capabilities against a vision of where they see the business delivering in 5-10 years.

We worked with the SVP, HRD & Leadership Team to:

  • Articulate their expert understanding into a coherent organisational vision & its consequent capabilities required over the next five years to deliver this vision
  • Enable the leaders to critically examine their people against current & future needs rather than past successes
  • Act as a consequence of this analysis & move people onto action-focused accelerated development paths to more demanding roles, into more fitting roles, out of the organisation including most specifically, those talented but toxic to the organisation

The organisation benefitted from:

  • High calibre people rising to greater accountabilities at speed & with enhanced motivation through accelerated development plans
  • Succession & ‘caretaker-designates' in place for every key role
  • Contributions at a higher level from those they had not previously recognised to have capability
  • Employees wanting to be part of the organisation through working with, & seeing good people being part of it & progressing
  • External high quality people attracted to join
  • Enhanced performance through people having a clear understanding of direction & what is needed to get there, as well as of their own value

Why we were successful:

  • Provided simple model of people assessment that was easily understood & applied
  • Persistently pushed a model of enterprise leadership
  • Facilitation skills of our consultants which engaged everyone
  • Focused the team on what really makes a difference in accelerating someone’s capabilities, contributions & career


‘(LQ) provide sharp & focused insight crystallising the key issues that impact on what are often multi-million $ decisions to be made regarding senior people & teams- & in accelerating personal development actions & delivering enhanced performance LQ do not dodge the often difficult & challenging conversations’

Russell Taylor, HR Director at Associated British Foods 

‘I have known and worked with Caroline for the best part of 20 years. Her knowledge and expertise in her field is incredible and her ability to work with you and apply this to a business context is brilliant! Caroline worked with me to do a great piece of work whereby we needed to analyse what the business was looking for from the HR senior leadership team and the HR business partners and then designed both assessments and development techniques to address these needs. She is knowledgeable, pragmatic and commercial but is also a delight to work with.’ 

Jemimah Parnell, HR Director at 3



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