Leadership Quintet

Leadership Quintet

Driving success through the team

The Executive Team members consisted of people outstanding in their professional disciplines, but less effective in influencing the complex global organisation. Additionally, team members demonstrated variable levels of leadership expertise, with them largely working as individuals, thus giving less commitment to the collective business.

Engaging with the leader & team members, we focused them to:

  • See their purpose as externally focused, & benchmarked against a changing external environment
  • Develop ways of enabling their organisation to recognise the higher-order value they contributed, enabling traction as well as greater access to resources
  • Move faster into action
  • Multiply their effectiveness through collaboration with each other
  • Clarify & model a productive culture to their functions, encouraging constructive challenge
  • Take the difficult people decisions which made the 'going' easier
  • Focus team members to publicly lead & support difficult decisions

We are successful because we:

  • Built trust with key team members - & with the leader
  • Coached team members 'in the moment’ using our organisational expertise & psychological understanding, thus developing their capability there & then
  • Developed direct & practical solutions with ways forward, with which members engaged
  • Facilitated the leader in assessing the quality of his team, working in partnership with his excellent HR partner to achieve success

Six months later, this team:

  • Has a different & much strong membership
  • The business area has a clear vision, as well as focus for today
  • Is committed to the delivery of it vision - each & every member
  • Represents & supports each other
  • Learns from each other
  • Has a growing respect from the organisation, & across geographic areas
  • Has a clear agenda for going forward

‘Caroline really gets teams to focus on what is critical, enabling them to face up to the realities of the business issues in front of them. She guides the team to assess its resource capabilities and potential, and challenges them to create opportunities to deliver tangible value. I am always amazed at how quickly she is able to not only grasp the people side of a problem on the table, but also the business and technical side. Her value is evident from the start of each interaction.’

Sam Warden, d-Wise Inc, Elargis tes Horizons, Geneva

'In working together, Caroline provided great insight into helping reshape the way my senior team worked together. Her ability to diagnose issues, gain the team’s trust and recommend simple solutions towards creating a truly high performing were extremely valuable in laying strong foundations which have resulted in enduring benefits to the business. Caroline is extremely supportive, dependable, fun to work with and has the highest personal integrity.’

Stuart Grainger, Divisional Chief Executive, Associated British Foods

‘Caroline brought together disparate people and views from across UK, Italy, USA and Australia during a time of considerable change and uncertainty following a merger, resulting in a shift to a strongly customer-centred model, and established a cohesive leadership (facing off) multiple stake-holders across the organisation. Her methods were commercially focused whilst using a range of behavioural measurements combined with deep personal insight into how individuals interact within a complex corporate environment. ’

Dr Malcolm Handel, Medical Director at Janssen-Cilag, Australia

'Caroline significantly helped build and transform my team of direct reports by focusing all team members to take accountability and benchmark their business area & themselves against global competitive standards. With her high energy she relentlessly reminds us to share and communicate our vision and values to the rest of the organisation, harnessed to the conpany’s vision, strategy and values. She supports us on the journey for constant learning and improvement and helps drive towards defining and achieving stretch goals. Caroline’s approach epitomises the ‘Enterprise Leadership’ values & approach I need for my organisation’s success'

Dr Marcus Schindler, Vice President, Head of CVMD iMed at AstraZeneca

'Caroline has been a valuable partner at the IMED leadership team, helping us preserve a much needed balance between short-term operational pressures and long-term strategic perspective. Her broader perspective and firm support helped build (and preserve) the "futures" initiative, which explores new areas of science and technology, to maintain our position on the leading edge of drug discovery and nurture the future leaders of our organisation.'

Dr Manos Perros, Chief Executive Officer at Entasis Therapeutics

'Caroline has worked with my leadership team to enhance awareness of enterprise leadership and to develop my organisation as well as individuals in the team. Caroline has the unique ability to challenge and stimulate individuals and teams to think outside the box and to move out of their comfort zone. This has been instrumental to get the team to a new level where we are moving towards outstanding performance by taking responsibility for the whole business. The team truly enjoyed working with Caroline. Although she is very persistent to get people to step up she does it in a way that demonstrates huge experience and mixed with humor which makes working with her fun and a real pleasure.'

Dr Regina Fritsche-Danielson,  CVMD iMed at AstraZeneca

'I first worked with Caroline, when she facilitated the country leadership team to implement a regional corporate restructure. Besides helping the team to successfully achieve its objectives, she demonstrated a great ability to "read" people, which hugely assisted the team in working in a collaboratively. Subsequently, Caroline has worked as a personal business coach with us. She has a strong capability in thinking through what is required to deliver change across geographic boundaries, and establishes strong & positive relationships with both the parent & regional subsidiary that enable the coaching outcomes to work.'

Erik Lucis, Divisional VP, Human Resources (Customer Services) at Emirates



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