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James Dyson New Year Honour-thrilled hugely justified honour. UK pride. Sustains engineering/ design. Speaks out!

The boss of the Easyjet airline, Carolyn McCall, engineering entrepreneur James Dyson and Ann Summers' chief Jacqueline Gold all receive New Year Honours.

We need the debate if we are to be a democracy - what is happening is not freedom of speech

“'Leaders must recognise huge social impact of women’s earnings, and invest in female entrepreneurs' https://t.co/ljHBIlt0W7”

Cary Cooper on Twitter

“Psych portrait in2 the mindset of RAchel Dolezal,the white woman who claimed she was African-American,then found out https://t.co/gcXJluQ23t”

The Real Science of Introversion (and the Rest of Personality)

Introversion is one of the most misunderstood (yet most widely recognized and talked about) dimensions of human personality. Here's a video that summarizes the latest science of introversion

Humanity rules...

“Guardian front page, Monday December 14 2015: Le Pen lashes out as French far right faces defeat in poll”

French National Front defeated in bid to win regional vote - BBC News

France's far-right National Front fails to win a single region, despite leading in nearly half in the first round of voting.

It’s official: women on boards boost business - Agenda - The World Economic Forum

Companies with strong female leadership deliver a 36% higher return on equity, according to the index provider MSCI. The study analysed the 1,643 companies that are covered by the MSCI Wo...


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